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ORCKA Basic Canoeing Certification

Safe Canoeing: This 3-hour course gives you essential safety, knowledge and paddling skills to get you on the water for short paddles close to shore in good weather.
This course is suitable for beginners of all ages.
Price: $35 per person (or $65 per pair in same boat). There is no minimum age, but paddlers must be able to hold a paddle properly, otherwise they are considered passengers (no charge - maximum 1- 2 per boat depending on size/age).

Levels 1-3 (Tandem) Canoeing: These courses (4-5 hours per level) provide hand's-on training in topics such as equipment knowledge, selection and care; safe canoeing procedures; day trip packing; intro to self-rescue; launching and removing the canoe; entering and exiting; balance and trim; pivots; sideways displacement; paddling a straight line; stopping; lifts and carries. Level 3 also includes re-entering the canoe from the water; transporting canoes on vehicles; environmental awareness; windy weather precautions; a short “canoe tour” of the venue. These courses are recommended for ages 12+.
Price: $75 per person per level (or $145 per pair in same boat per level). Discounted price if taking all 3 levels over 2 days: $200 per person. $10 discount (per boat) if using all your own equipment.

Level 4 (Solo) Canoeing: This 12-hour practical course is provided over two days. All Level 1-3 safety, knowledge and skills are reviewed and practised as a solo paddler. Additional time is spent looking at canoeing history. This course is recommended for ages 14+.
Price: $200 per person

Private canoe technique coaching is available for $40 per person (solo) or $50 per boat (tandem) per hour.

Ask about our discounted rate for non-profit organizations.

Call or text 519 619-2961 or email for more information or to register.

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