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"Heron Land & Water Adventures" provides custom-curated outdoor experiences for novice adventurers. We tailor hikes, paddles, and more to your needs. Whether your focus is on mental, physical, or social wellness, we can create a unique adventure for you. We value the diversity of all humans. We financially and ethically support local organizations that provide services for women, wellness, and the wilderness.

calm water with

Land, water or both?

Here is an overview of the types of experiences we currently offer.
Check back often as offerings change seasonally.


Hiking Adventures

Join us on one of our local, guided hikes. Hikes usually range anywhere from 1 - 6 hours, from gentle to challenging terrain, and from slow to moderate pace. Our hikes are often themed, such as silent meditation, boot camp, pet-friendly, full moon, sunrise, or glow-in-the-dark family hikes. If you don't see something you like, let us know! Details for each specific hike are on the Current Adventures page. We also offer snowshoe and cross-country ski tours. Not sure which type of hike to choose? Click on the Choose Your Own Adventure tab at the top of the page!

Paddling Adventures

Looking for a great location to float your boat? Just want some friends to paddle with? Never been on the water before and don't know where to start? Check out our paddling events. We offer guided canoe, kayak, and paddleboard tours in some of the most beautiful waterways in Southwestern Ontario. Click on the Current Adventures tab to see what we're offering this month. Basic Canoe Certifications in Levels 1-3 (Tandem) and Level 4 (Solo) available by request, or book a Refresher or Learn to Paddle clinic.

Camping Adventures

Maybe you want to challenge yourself to roughing it in the backcountry with a guided canoe trip or hike-in camping trip. Portaging or backpacking not for you? Perhaps staying a bit closer to civilization is more your style. Hate camping? Try "glamping" and get the camping experience from the warm dry inside of a yurt or cabin. You might even want to try one of our UNcamping experiences. We have it all! Check out the Current Adventures page to find a camping experience that fits your needs, or reach out for custom programming.

Don't see anything you like? Let us know! We can create a custom adventure to meet your needs.

Relaxing girls' getaway, family fun adventure, gentle introduction to the outdoors, or exciting ladies' nights -

we've got you covered! 

Are you a business owner with a unique idea to collaborate? We'd love to work together.

Check out some of our ideas, or contact us to set something up!

inclusive pride flag.webp

Nature does not discriminate.
Neither do we.

"Heron Land & Water Adventures" welcomes all humans. Period.
Regardless of how you look, who you love, what your gender is, what language you speak, what your abilities are, where you're from, or why you're joining us...
you are welcome.*

*Only love allowed - the outdoors is a hate-free zone.


About Your Guide

Hi there, I’m Rebecca. I’m many things to many people: mom, wife, daughter, teacher, friend, and more. Like many of you, I’ve spent much of my life defining myself by my role in others’ lives. I started Heron Land & Water Adventures because I’d like to help women (and those who love them) create or rediscover their own identity through connection: with each other, with nature, and with their own healthy and whole selves. Whether you’re looking for a meditative hike, a social paddle, or a challenging backcountry camping experience, I look forward to crafting unique outdoor experiences for and with you.
Rebecca :)
-Advanced Wilderness 1st Aid & CPR/AED Level C
-Hike Ontario Certified Hike Leader

-Hike Ontario Certified Wilderness Day Hike Leader
-ORCKA Basic Canoeing Levels 1-4 (Tandem and Solo)

-ORCKA Basic Canoeing Instructor
-ORCKA Canadian-Style Paddling Level 1AB

-ORCKA River Running Level 1

-ORCKA Canoe Tripping Level 3 (Trip Leader)
-Paddle Canada Sea Kayaking Level 1
-Ontario Certified Teacher with 25 years of experience


Contact Us

Looking for more information? Want to collaborate? Reach out!

(519) 619-2961

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why HERON Land & Water Adventures?

A: Great Blue Herons are my inspiration and have always fascinated me. They, like me, enjoy the benefits of both the land and the water and can regularly be found alternating their time between both worlds.

Also, I love the wordplay: "HER-on land & water" shows that our primary clients are women looking for adventure in the wilderness.

Q: How do I know which type of hike, paddle or other experience is right for me?

A: GREAT QUESTION! We're so glad you asked!

Choosing the adventures that best fit your current level of fitness, goals, gear, skills, knowledge, etc. is crucial to enjoying the experience - for all participants - and keeping everyone safe! Please check out the information in the Choose Your Own Adventure tab under More in the menu at the top of the page to determine which adventure suits you best.

Still not sure? You have two options:

1. Just ask! Contact us and we will help get you into an experience that is the perfect balance of challenge and comfort for you.

2. Reach out and let us create a custom experience that fits whatever your goals and needs are. We'd be happy to make your dream adventure a reality.

Q: Will you cancel a hike/paddle/camping/trip/etc. if it rains/snows/etc.?

A: Another good question! MOST adventures will run in MOST types of weather.
Information about cancellations can be found on the Adverse Weather Conditions tab under More in the menu at the top of the page. You will receive an email at least 1 hour if an adventure is cancelled, so please make sure that the information you enter is correct, and that you check your inbox before heading out! If you want to be extra sure, please text us at (519) 619-2961 to confirm.

Q: Why don't you put the actual location of the hike, paddle, or campsite, on your website?

A: There are three reasons:
1. Sometimes there are issues that require changes to the hike/paddle locations, put-ins, trailheads, or campsites. This can be caused by flooding, excessive windfall, re-routing due to trail maintenance (like a bridge being repaired), change to road access or parking, etc.
2. Unfortunately, sometimes we get unscrupulous folks who don't want to register for an adventure, but coincidentally show up at the same time as a scheduled hike or paddle, then follow along at a short distance. This is very unsafe and does not allow for the guides to ensure that the participants are properly equipped, trained, or ready for the activity. 
3. Finally, this is for the safety of all participants to ensure that they will be meeting with only those who are actual participants of the adventure.

Q: How do I know where to meet for an adventure?

A: Once you have registered for an adventure (usually about a week before the first session), you will receive a detailed email that includes a map to the EXACT location of a trailhead, put in, campsite, parking lot, or meeting place. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you follow these instructions exactly - don't just google the location! - as there are often multiple entry points to forests and water bodies. We don't want to lose anyone before we even begin (or after of course, but you know what we're saying!). It is also important that your contact information be complete in case of a last-minute change or cancellation.

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